Corn Delivery Information

Marketing Options for Corn: Spot Price, Fixed Price, Basis, Futures Only, Price Later

To Contract Corn Call Jake or Blake @ 866-436-2676

Jake Cell  712-261-2114    Blake Cell  712-261-2014


DELIVERY HOURS:   Please call ahead or check home page for current grain dump hours.

DISPOSTION: Please provide scale operator with accurate information regarding owner’s name or names if split. All grain delivered will be applied to an existing contracts first.  Partial load contract overrun bushels will be priced at the closing bid on the day of delivery.  Any additional deliveries will be put into Price Later. 

Price Later:  Title passes to LSCP at date of unload.  Free Price Later, must be priced by October 31, 2018.  Corn must be priced at LSCP spot delivery price and not for forward delivery month price.  Space will be limited and price later may not be available at all times.

PAYMENT: Checks will be issued within three business days of contract completion, if we have a signed contract on file. Deferred Payment Contracts may be made into a future for up to 12 months from delivery if arrangements are made prior to delivery of the last contracted load.


Moisture: 15.00%
Damage: 5.00%
Foreign Material: 3.00%   

DISCOUNTS RATES: Loads that are not #2-Grade subject to rejection.

Moisture18% Moisture Maximum.  Moisture Shrink will be 1.5% for each 1% above 15.0%. Moisture shrink will continue to be applied every 1/10 of a percent.  No load averaging.  No drying charge.

Damage: 1 cent for each one-half percent over 5.01 up to 10.00 percent;
Over 10 percent subject to rejection. 

Heat Damage: 1 cent for each 1/10 of one percent over 0.5 percent;
2 cents for each 1/10 of one percent over 1 percent;
Over 3 percent subject to rejection. 

Broken Corn and Foreign Material:
1 cent for each one-half percent over three percent up to seven percent;
2 cents for each one-half percent seven percent to ten percent.

Test Weight:
1 cent for each one-half pound under 54# to 50#;
2 cents for each one-half pound under 49.99#;
Under 45# is subject to rejection. 

Musty, Sour, Weevily: 10 cents per bushel. 

Other:  Rodent of bird contamination, stones, glass or other commercially undesirable foreign material will be subject to rejection.