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One way to take advantage of these sideways to higher markets is thru Accumulator Contracts. The accumulator contract allows the producer to have bushels priced weekly above the current market, at no up front premium cost, if certain conditions are met.  Generally, you can price about 20 c/bu above the current market.  Call for today for up to the minute pricing details.

Marketing one’s crop can be one of the most frustrating things about farming.  Little Sioux Corn Processors is here to help.  We are able to offer you FCStone’s Merchants Plus pricing program.  This contract lets the professional marketing team at FC Stone market your bushels for you. Growers have access to the tools the pros use and receive daily web updates with cutting edge charts and analysis.  These strategies take the emotion, hassle & margin requirements out of a hedging program for the grower.  This is perfect for the farmer that doesn't watch the market every day or wants someone else to make the marketing decisions for their farm.  Cost of the program is only 8 c/bu and that is subtracted from the final price at payment.  The Merchants Plus pricing for corn has been very successful the last few years.  The last two years they have been beating other market advisors selling prices!!!  The Merchants Plus price has been 30-50 c/bu better than just selling cash corn at the time of delivery.  Call today as growers must be signed up by February 25th to participate in the program.  

- Please call to get your account login & password to have remote access to your delivery summaries, contracts balances, settlements & grain balances.  After you have your login & password just click on the following link.

To Contract Corn Call Jake or Blake @ 866-436-2676.  Jake Cell 712-261-2114.  Blake Cell  712-261-2014.

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